Jacqueline Fernandez had her first kiss at age 14!

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez talks about her teenage years and reveals that her nick name in school used to be Radio Bahrain in a chat with YouTube artist Hanee Chavan.

Jacqueline Fernandez revealed some interesting facts about her teenage days and school life including how she had her first boyfriend and first kiss at the age of 14 with YouTuber Hanee Chavan in a chat.

Having spent her school life in Bahrain, Jacqueline admitted to being a very talkative and optimistic kid and thus her nickname was 'Radio Bahrain'. Jacqueline also admits that how she regrets kissing a few people and she was really naive and easily taken advantage of when she was in school.

Jacqueline Fernandez with Hanee Chavan
Jacqueline Fernandez with Hanee Chavan

She addresses the teenagers of today asking them to stand up for themselves and establish themselves from an early age.

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