Jacqueline Fernandez to launch a fitness app

An absolute fitness junkie, Jacqueline Fernandez is said to be ready to turn her passion into a business venture. We hear the actress is planning to launch a fitness app to reach out to health freaks and keep them up-to-date with various forms of exercises.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

A source close to Jacqueline says, “She came up with this idea a few days ago and is now figuring out how to go about it. Since she personally isn’t into lifting weights, she wants to update people about innovative workout routines like pilates, TRX (total-body resistance exercise) training, dance and so on.”

Interestingly, the actress is said to have recently turned down an endorsement offer from a fitness chain. Reason? “She was offered R3 crore for a six-month deal to promote the UAE-based chain. But, she doesn’t wish to associate to other fitness brands because she is keen on starting a similar venture,” explains the source.

Apart from the fitness app, Jacqueline is keen to launch fitness centres too. “These centres will not be the usual gyms, but instead, focus on a variety of activities to stay fit. But, this will happen only after her fitness app proves successful,” adds the source.

Jacqueline did not respond to our text messages and calls.

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