Psychologist and author Steven Pinker in conversation with journalist 
Barkha Dutt on the subject, 'Decline of violence in history'

Woman 1: "What is the talk about?"
Woman 2: "Decline of History in Violence by Stephen King Woman 1 to companion: "It's about the decline of history"
True story: Psychologist and author Steven Pinker on A Decline of Violence in History
At: 12.40 pm
Location: Front Lawns, Diggi Palace

The Jaipur Literary Festival in numbers
5: Years of the festival 
5:  Duration of festival in days
60,000: The number of people, who attended the festival last year
258: Writers expected
136: Number of events 
10 am: First session begins
7.30 pm: Last session ends 
60: Duration of each session in minutes
550: Press delegates
5: Venues
30,000: Area of Diggi Palace in square feet
70: Rooms

3 Life Lessons

Amy Chua (left), author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, in 
conversation with Puneeta Roy over the subject, 'Mothers and children'

Courtesy Amy Chua, author of parenting memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
"Everything valuable and worth doing is difficult." 
"I've always tried to convert being an outsider into a strength."
"I don't think you can be successful unless you truly love it (what you do)."

When: 2.30 pm at Samvad