James McAvoy joins 'Submergence'

Los Angeles: Actor James McAvoy will star in filmmaker Wim Wenders's romantic thriller 'Submergence', which begins shooting in March in Europe and Africa.

James McAvoy. Pic/AFP
James McAvoy. Pic/AFP

The story of the film is based on author J.M. Ledgard's 2011 novel of the same name, reports

'Submergence' centers on two lovers, immersed in life or death situations and separated by thousands of miles, who find solace in memories of their intense romance the previous Christmas after a chance meeting on a beach on the Atlantic coast.

One is enduring captivity by jihadist fighters in Somalia, while the other is exploring the greatest depths of the ocean floor from her submersible.

McAvoy next stars as Victor Von Frankenstein 'Victor Frankenstein'.

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