January nuptials for Rani Mukerji, Aditya Chopra?

Apparently the actress has been turning down film scripts because she has a ‘personal commitment’ to attend to in January. According to our source, this is not the only script that Rani turned down while citing a personal engagement. The source adds, “Rani recently conveyed to a director that she would not be available for the film as she has to attend some important event in January.”

Rani Mukerji

Naturally, tongues are tattling with hush-hush news of her impending wedding. Another source says, “Some friends close to Rani have confirmed that marriage is on the cards early next year. Rani’s manager has apparently spoken to a filmmaker that she is getting married early next year. But it could be just an excuse to politely reject the film.”

Rani’s spokesperson says, “Rani chooses her films with great amount of care. Her decision to do a film completely depends on the project and the role she has been offered. There is absolutely no truth to her marriage news.”

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