Japan's oldest dies at 115

Japan's oldest person died at the age of 115 yesterday at a care facility in Saga on the southern island of Kyushu.

Chiyono Hasegawa was born on November 20, 1896, the year when the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens, Greece.

Old is gold: Chiyono Hasegawa, Japan's oldest died yesterday at a
care facility. Meanwhile, the world's oldest living woman Besse GeorgeĀ 
at 115 is still going strong. Pics/AFP

Japan's oldest person is now a man, 114-year-old Jirouemon Kimura, who was born April 19, 1897. Kimura is recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living man.

Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia, in the United States, is listed by Guinness as the world's oldest person, at 115. She was born August 26, 1896.

1896 The year in which Jirouemon Kimura was born was also the same year that the first X-ray machine was put on display

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