Japanese adult actress resembles 'Dobby' from Harry Potter post plastic surgery

London: A Japanese adult actress, who goes by the name Rumi Kanda, is being called the human Dobby, a beloved character from the Harry Potter series, after going under the knife.

Dobby, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Dobby the house elf in a still from 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

Kanda, real name Rina Nanase, underwent various plastic surgeries including on her nose, eyes and chin over a course of few months and the finished result is being compared to the elf, Metro.co.uk reported.

While people on Twitter and other social networking sites have questioned her mental stability, Kanda insists that her critics are ‘jealous’ of her new look.

Many people agree that Kanda, who complained about her weight and her ‘beady eyes’ prior to the surgery, looked better before the procedure.

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