Jason Bateman: 'Horrible Bosses 2' was a paycheque for everyone

London: Hollywood star Jason Bateman has revealed "Horrible Bosses 2" represented a "paycheque for everyone" involved.

Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman 

The 46-year-old actor - who starred alongside the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis in the 2011 original and the 2014 follow-up movie - said the sequel represented easy money because of the box office success of the first film, reported Digital Spy.

"The first one was funny. The first one put up some money. The second one was garbage as far as box office goes.

Who knows if it was on the merits or when they released it, but it did not do any money," he said.

Bateman also joked the audience was, in part, to blame for the second movie getting the go-ahead.

"Don't go out and buy a bunch of tickets for the first one unless you want a second one, because we don't have any discipline in this town."

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