Raps about the heartbreak he and superstar wife Beyonc � suffered over a previous miscarriage

It's a hip-hop homage to his favourite new girl.

First-time pop Jay-Z yesterday released a touching new tune for baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter that features her newborn cries -- and also reveals the heartbreak he and wife Beyonc � suffered over a previous miscarriage.
Glory featuring B.I.C.," describes the "tragic" ordeal the music super couple went through before their baby's joyous birth at Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side Saturday night.

A real 'pop' track: In the song titled Glory, Jay-Z promises his little
girl Blue a happy life. File pic

"Last time the miscarriage was so tragic," Jay-Z raps in the tune released on his website.
"We was afraid you'd disappear but nah baby, you magic."

Blue Ivy stars in the hip-hop homage to herself. Jay-Z splices in a recording of her crying toward the end.

Brooklyn-native Jay-Z, vows in the tune to make Blue a happy little girl -- in contrast to his own troubled childhood, which was marred by the departure of his dad, Adnes Reeves. Reeves walked out on the family when Jay-Z was 11, the rap icon sings. But the pain caused by an absent pop and the miscarriage were wiped out, Jay-Z sings, after hearing Blue's first heartbeat.