Beating big names like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston has been named the hottest woman of all time in a new poll. CS tells you what makes her so irresistible: 

>> Jen is known for her sense of humour. She's handled many-an-awkward situation with a pinch of salt, thanks to her glib jokes. And yes, she's extremely witty for a blonde.

>> Her hair is probably her best feature. It is always down, loose, and healthy-looking on the red-carpet or it's pulled back with a clip. The colour, which has more or less been the same for years, looks like it's just naturally highlighted. That's probably what men like about her -- she's just so regular.

>> Her makeup is never heavy. Typically, just some lip gloss, a swipe of mascara, and of course, that signature golden tan.

>> Jen's not aged much since her Friends days. She looks as gorgeous in Season 10, as she did in Season 1. If anything, she's only slimmer now.

>> She rarely plays the airhead, and she seldom overplays a role. Jen has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real irrespective of the roles that she's played. Well, it's no rocket science then that men find her sexy.