Los Angeles: "Dexter" star Jennifer Carpenter has welcomed her first child with musician fiance Seth Avett.

The 35-year-old actress' representative confirmed in February that she and Seth of The Avett Brothers, reported Entertainment Tonight.

No details, including the baby's sex, name or birth date have been released.

While promoting the show yesterday, Carpenter dished about bringing her baby on the "Limitless" set with her.

She stars in the new fall thriller based on the 2011 big-screen hit, centring on struggling twentysomething Brian Finch (Jake McDorman), who takes a mysterious drug which allows him to manipulate his cognitive abilities and "become the smartest person in the world."

"Well (McDorman's) done the heavy lifting with the action scenes, but I get to bring the little one to work so that's amazing to go from, like, this world (points to Jake) to this world (mimes holding a baby)," she said.

"It creates a lot of balance. I'm lucky -- very lucky."