Jennifer Lopez accepted USD 10m to perform for 'thugs and cronies', claims human rights group

The ‘On The Floor’ hit maker’s performances emerged following a birthday serenade for Turkmenistan''s authoritarian ruler, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, in June for which she was reportedly paid 1.5 million dollars, the New York Post reported.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. Pic/Santa Banta

HRF also listed four of Lopez’s other dubious business dealings: In July 2011, Uzbek industrialist, Azam Aslanov, paid the mum-of-two 1 million dollars to sing at his son’s wedding.

In September 2012, Azerbaijan’s officials booked the singer to perform at a FIFA soccer tournament and negotiated a contract for a music festival. In October 2012, she performed in Belarus, a dictatorship. ┬áIn November 2012, Lopez visited Russia to sing for Alexander Yolkin, a bureaucrat accused of corruption.

Although Lopez’s rep said that she regretted the incident and had no knowledge of human-rights issues surrounding Berdymukhamedov, who is a repressive leader accused of imprisoning and torturing critics, HRF president Thor Halvorssen, accused her and her managers of misleading fans.

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