Jennifer Lopez opens up on relationship with Ben Affleck

Mar 27, 2016, 08:56 IST | The Hitlist Team

It has been more than 12 years since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck split. The American Idol judge recently reflected on her relationship with Affleck, saying there was a ‘genuine love’ between them.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

In a recent interview, the 46-year-old actress said, "I think different time different thing, who knows what could’ve happened, but there was a genuine love there," a website reports.

Adding on to this, the actress said they both didn’t try to have a public relationship, they just happened to be together at the birth of the tabloids.

"And it was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was just a lot of pressure, she said.

The two broke up in 2004 two years after they got engaged.

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