London: Singer Jessie J has denied rumours that she was told by doctors to stop singing live because they're "worried about the strain put on her heart" when she hits the high notes.

Jessie J
Jessie J. Pic/Santa Banta 

After Jessie cancelled the remaining dates of her Australian tour due to "sudden illness", a report surfaced claiming that the singer's health condition wouldn't allow her to sing live again.

As per the report, doctors had told the 26-year-old to start lip-syncing at her live performances.

Jessie suffers from Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a condition that causes an irregular heart beat, shortness of breath and can make her feel dizzy or even faint.

Jessie, however, has made it clear that she doesn't have to lip-sync at her shows. She took to Instagram on Friday to deny the claims and let her fans know she's "feeling better" now.

She posted a photograph of an Alexandra Elle quote that read: "Surround yourself with love. Protect your heart with peace. Live your life in light." In the caption, she explained that her heart's "ok" and her body's "healing."

"I am ok | I'm feeling better | I was really unwell | I have slept a lot | I have watched every series of Homeland in bed | I'm addicted to tim tams | I still have a heart problem... Papers acting like I didn't know lol," she wrote.

"Had it since I was born | But my heart is ok | My body is healing | I don't have to mime to hit my high notes on stage | Who believed it? Fess up! | Made me laugh because it was so choopid. Don't even know where they get these stories from | Maybe from Source and his best mate bulls**t," she added.

Jessie cancelled her shows in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth because of the illness.

She apologised to her fans in a statement issued through her tour promoter.

"I am extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause my fans. If I could magic myself better and be there I would. I can't wait to perform for you all in the future. Thank you for your support. Jessica x."