Jesus' 'divine' Facebook popularity

The biggest star on Facebook is not Lady Gaga, or Justin Bieber, or the site's founder Mark Zuckerberg.  It's Jesus. All Facebook, a website that follows Facebook's traffic, says a page called Jesus Daily has, for at least 18 weeks in a row, come out easily in first place among the site's "most engaging pages."

It may not have the most fans (Lady Gaga had 42,713,559 as of August 26, and "Texas Hold'em Poker" had 49,017,592), but Jesus Daily had the most interactions -- the number of posts, the number of comments, the number of "likes," the number of responses.

Not bad for a diet doctor who says he started the page in 2009 as a labour of love.  His name is Aaron Tabor, and he's from Kernersville. "I just started it as a hobby," he said. "I looked at a friend's page and there was a little Bible app at the bottom, and I thought people would want something more."

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