Jim Carrey, 55, is fighting back against the claims made by the family of his deceased ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, that hold him responsible for her suicide.

The actor introduced White to "cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease," according to a recently unearthed letter allegedly written by White before her suicide in 2015.

In the note, allegedly written on her iPad on April 8, 2013, White wrote, "This is what I want, you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologise for it because you care enough to. I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease."

In an explosive cross-complaint filed on Friday, Carrey’s attorney claims the lawsuit is an attempt to exploit the public vulnerability of a famous actor. The court in May overruled Carrey’s demurrer to the complaint, setting the stage for an April 2018 trial.