Jimmy's hide out

He is passionate about two things -- acting and his family. Actor Jimmy Shergill, whose performance in the recently released Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster got much critical acclaim, talks to CS about spending time at home with his family and watching thrillers on television:

Who: Jimmy Shergill
What: Talks about staying in his shell

Knot funny
I may have played the role of a royalty who believes that it's his right to keep a mistress, but let me tell you that marriage to me is an institution. I believe in it big time. It's been 10 years since my marriage and I'm very happy in it. When Priyanka (Jimmy's wife) came to Mumbai after our wedding, I took her on the sets of a film once or twice. She promptly told me that it's not her cup of tea. So she stays away from the limelight and so do I. I devote time to my films, but after pack up I head home straight.

I like to remain in my shell and that is why you don't spot me much at social dos or parties. Instead, I like to call my friends over at my place or go for a get together organised by a close friend. But otherwise, I keep myself busy reading scripts, doing meetings or I concentrate on the look of my next film. On days when I have nothing to do, you'll catch me at home playing with my son Veer, watching films and TV serials as I order some take out lunch or dinner.

On a thrill
I'm a complete fan of thrillers. It keeps me glued to my seat. Some of my most favourite films are the Godfather series and the Rocky series. The new Lord of the Rings sequel had some fantastic visuals with a lot of drama in it. I love watching Matt Damon's The Bourne Ultimatum; there's so much thrill in it. However, ask me if I'd want to act in one, and I'll probably say no, unless the story is riveting, as I like being part of light-hearted films. Also, I believe that realistic films are doing well today as people want to see the real world in an entertaining package.

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