Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel

In less than a week, Hollywood biggest stars will be descending to Los Angeles at the prestigious Dolby Theatre for the 89th Academy Awards. The show which will be airing live in India on February 27th morning will be honoring some of the biggest talents whose names will soon go down in history as an 'Academy Award Winners'.

The most desired awards in cinema, the Oscars 2017 so far has announced performances by Lin Manuel Miranda, Justin Timberlake, John Legend and many more alongside presenters Amy Adams, Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Stone and much more!

The evening will be hosted by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, which is his first time hosting the event. In an interview with People Magazine, the host shared what you can expect from the night as well as sharing a few jokes on his good friend, actor Matt Damon. The actor and the late night host have famously always been known to mock each other with even Matt Damon appearing on the 2016 Emmy's Stage recently making fun of Kimmel!

While talking about Matt Damon's producing credit for the movie- Manchester by the Sea, Jimmy Kimmel shared hilariously that he isn't happy that the actor will be attending. "There is one person about whom I have mixed feelings and that is Matt Damon, He's nominated, unfairly obviously, for producing. You know he doesn't produce anything — maybe he produces garbage at home."Of course, Damon and Kimmel has long engaged faux-feud for a long time has left us in splits as they constantly try to prank each other. Kimmel continued to joke saying -"If he makes the mistake of entering that theater, it will be addressed, let's put it that way. He should stay home on Oscar night."

The host recently released a promo with Oscar winner Morgan Freeman showcasing him getting a pep talk from the actor. In the promo, Jimmy is feeling the pressure of hosting and hopes that a calm, gentle voice would help him calm his nerves- but the actor instead makes fun of the host in the hilarious promo.

"James Jimmy Kimmel, a man on the precipice of hosting the Oscars. An opportunity to be the toast of the town or, a chance to bomb so fantastically, everywhere he goes people would say, 'Look at sucky sucko — he had his shot, and man, did he blow it in front of billions,'" Morgan Freeman says in the background of the promo

Kimmel responds to Freeman standing right next to him, "You know this is not really helping Morgan." "Well fine, do you your own damn pep talk," Freeman responds.