JK Rowling's literary creation Harry Potter turns 35

London: JK Rowling's imaginative wizard boy Harry Potter has turned 35, according to the tale he was born to fictional characters James and Lily Potter on Thursday July 31, 1980.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe 

Although there is no mention of the exact year in the Harry Potter books, it was because of another character named Nearly Headless Nick's 500th anniversary of his Death Day in 1492 that fans were able to connect the dots.

The birthday date is same as the author JK Rowling's, who turned 50 the same day.

Fans took to Twitter to wish them both. Rowling responded and even cracked a joke on her advancing age, writing, "I was going to post a picture of our West Highland Terrier commiserating with me early this morning because in dog years I'm dead."



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