Mumbai: In the midst of the raging JNU row, a senior police officer from Maharashtra today claimed that the probe conducted so far into arrested DU professor G N Saibaba's alleged Maoist links, has found that both DU and JNU have a large number of Left-wing radical students, who are in touch with Kashmiri extremists groups.

Ravindra Kadam, Inspector General of Anti-Naxalite Operations, Nagpur range, said this while talking to a Marathi news channel in Gadchiroli today.

"Based on the investigation we have carried out so far in connection with Saibaba's Maoist links, we have come to know that both, Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), have large number of students, who have been influenced by radical Left wing ideology, who talk about revolution through violence," Kadam said.

"We have so far found that those who help in anti-national activities or those who talk about dividing the country, especially some active members of Kashmiri extremist groups, have been in touch with these students from both the universities," he added.

The senior officer further claimed that Saibaba used to guide the members of students' unions in DU and JNU, who are aligned with Maoist ideologies.

"One such activist Hem Mishra, whom Saibaba had tutored, had tried to carry his coded messages saved in microchips to Gadchiroli, where he was caught...Mishra was a past JNU student and he used to work as radical/revolutionary cultural friends in the university (as a cover for his naxal related activities), where he had met Saibaba.

Saibaba had created a number of such radical students.

One of them was Rituparna Goswami from Guwahati in Assam. He has completed PhD from JNU and is currently active in underground Maoist activities with a new name 'Navin'. He is called as a 'professional revolutionary'. He works as a coordinator between the urban organisations and the underground naxal network, Kadam further claimed.

"He is very close to Maoist leader Ganapathy," Kadam said.