Job seeker attacks jewellery unit workers with scissors

A 32-year-old man allegedly attacked the manager and designer of a gold ornaments unit with a pair of scissors, in Dahisar last night.

According to the Dahisar police, Amrish Soni, the manager of the unit, and Moin Shaikh, its designer, had reported for work at the gold jewellery workshop in Chunabhatti, Dahisar (East), when the accused, identified as Munna, walked into the office, asking for a job.

In a fit of rage: Police investigate the case at the crime scene.

An acquaintance of Soni, Munna directly entered his cabin and launched into a heated discussion, while Shaikh waited outside. Being refused the job, Munna allegedly turned violent. In a fit of rage, he picked up a pair of scissors lying nearby, and attacked Soni with it.

Shaikh, who witnessed the incident, rushed to intervene, but was attacked by Munna as well.

One of the injured being carried away to safety.

The two injured victims were discovered by Jafar, a worker of the unit who happened to make a visit to the unit when the incident took place. In his statement, Jafar informed the cops that after a long wait, the door was opened by an angry Munna, who fled immediately, muttering something in Bengali on his way out. The owner of the unit rushed to the scene and discovered that 700 gms of gold had gone missing from the premises.

Police Inspector Anand Rane of Dahisar Police Station said, "The two victims were unconscious when they were admitted to Nanavati hospital. We have registered a case of attempted murder and robbery, and are verifying the owner's claims."

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