In the Hungarian capital, Steve Jobs has been cast in bronze. Graphisoft, a Hungarian software company, will unveil a bronze statue commemorating the co-founder of Apple on December 21 in recognition of his leadership and vision, and appreciation for Jobs' support of the fledgeling firm while Hungary was still under communist rule.

Set in stone: The Hungarian company will unveil the statue as a token
of appreciation. File pic

Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth's statue depicts Jobs with all his trademark characteristics � a mock turtleneck, jeans and sneakers, round glasses and well-trimmed stubble.

The nearly 7-foot-tall statue weighing 220 kilogram will be placed in Graphisoft Park, a Budapest complex home to several high-tech businesses.

7 feet
The height of the Steve Jobs' bronze statue that Graphisoft will unveil

220 kg
The weight of the statue that will be placed in Graphisoft Park