It may be noted that the stewards of RWITC had originally sentenced the Epsom Derby winning jockey to 55 days, but later, when the appeal board referred the matter back to them for reconsideration, they had enhanced the suspension period to eight months, terming it as a fresh inquiry.

Martin Dwyer
Martin Dwyer

The six-member appeal board, after a meeting that witnessed high drama followed by voting that was tied at 3-3, finally restored the original punishment, giving the English jockey partial relief, when Adi Narielwala who chaired the meeting used his casting vote in favour of restoring the original 55-day

Dwyer’s suspension will take effect from Monday (Sep 9), but if grapevine is to be believed, there is a strong possibility that the jockey, with support from his friends in the profession on the English racing circuit, will request the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) not to honour the Indian race club’s verdict.

However, if the BHA takes the same position as it took in the Richard Hughes case last year (Hughes had received suspension of 45 days from the RWITC stewards for not following trainer’s instructions, and had made a similar request to BHA), Dwyer will have no option but to undergo the suspension.