Dismissing talk of top jockey Trevor Patel not riding again because of a recent fall, Dr Vasudev Prabhu, chief of orthopedic department of Apollo Hospital in Bangalore where Patel is being treated for his injury, said the jockey's progress on his broken wrist is "perfectly satisfactory."

Pune lad Patel had fallen off a Vijay Mallya-owned filly, Sherryl, at the Bangalore racetrack on May 21.

However, Dr Vasudev agreed that Patel's fall was a bad one. "That was a high-velocity accident which caused injury to both the bone and ligament of the wrist.

"We have reconstructed it and as far as normal day-to-day life is concerned, he will be absolutely all right," said Dr Prabhu.

Dr Prabhu, who has treated several jockeys, including champion Bangalore rider Suraj Narredu spoke about Patel's resilience. "Trevor is quite strong-willed and the boy has very reasonable expectations.

"Just two days ago he told me he would like to get back to the saddle in three months and I think there is 80 per cent chances of him being able to do that," said Narredu.