'Jodha Akbar' actress Paridhi Sharma to meet Ekta Kapoor

'Jodha Akbar' actress Paridhi Sharma will be meeting producer Ekta Kapoor to sort out her issues with the show’s director Santram Verma.

Paridhi Sharma

The actress apparently gets called early morning and she is made to sit idle throughout the day as her shots are taken only late in the night.

She apparently feels that Rajat Tokras (who essays Akbar) and the director bond well, so he gets preferential treatment. Add to that the fact that Paridhi and Rajat don’t really like each other.



  • Era16-Apr-2014

    Jodha is so cute. I want to be like her.

  • mehak bharti20-Apr-2014

    paridhi aapne aur rajat ne yeh show quit kiya toh jodha Akbar koi nahi dekhega

  • raju17-Jun-2015

    I like u paribhi....plz don't quit this show......plZ

  • pawan11-Apr-2014

    Please don ''t change jodha because there are many fans of jodha. Dont quit this show paridhi. You are fabulous.

  • mehak bharti20-Apr-2014

    please paridhi don,t jodha Akbar show.because rajat aur aap is show se chale gaye toh jodha Akbar koi nahi dekhega mehak bharti

  • amina16-Apr-2014

    I like jodha by if she leaves show due to her personal prblm then mugdha chappekar must be selected as next jodha then only d show will b hit.

  • jyoti03-Apr-2014

    plz plz plz plz plz plz Do,t change jodha

  • dipa03-Apr-2014

    plz paridhi dont quit the show

  • aradhna04-Apr-2014

    Pls pls pls pls pls don t go i love u

  • jyoti03-Apr-2014

    please Don N,t change jodha without paridhi will be see not jodha akbar show

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