John Abraham pledges Rs 10 lakh in support of Biennale

 The 39-year-old paid a detailed two-hour visit to Aspinwall House in Fort Kochi, the main venue of the event that began on December 12.  John, whose father is an architect from Aluva near the city, was taken around various installation art and painting sites at the sea-facing heritage building by fellow Mumbaikar Bose Krishnamachari, Malayali co-curator of India's first Biennale.

John Abraham

The actor said the Biennale had the capability to refine the mind of the viewer. "It is when you get to know deeper about an art that you plumb its amazing depths. I've now got the inspiration to visit more biennales across the world.  I'm extremely happy to visit my native land in this kind of an occasion," he said. John said the country today required artistic endeavours like the Biennale. "I'm totally convinced that it merits major financial backing. As an artiste myself, I believe it is my responsibility to do my bit for it," he added. 

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