He's recently been quoted saying that he wants to get married now, and looks like John Abraham is well prepared for it. Quite a handyman at home, the actor knows exactly what's kept where and keeps full track of his ration too. Recently seen in Desi Boys, this eyecandy of Bollywood talks to CS about being a regular boy:

The homemaker
I'm pretty good at managing my home. I know exactly where my utensils are and where my ration is. I know when something needs to be replaced and I don't waste too much time in doing that. I know what my bills are and when they're due. I don't think it's a big deal in operating home appliances like the washing machine etc myself. But yes, I've still not been able to figure out how to use a microwave.

Free spirit
I'm an independent guy who loves his space and believes in simple living. There isn't anything too fancy in my home. I like my free-time, but unfortunately I don't get too much of it. But yes, a lot of my free hours go in keeping fit and healthy. Fitness is the only religion I know.

Fit hai
I keep pushing myself to newer levels of fitness. With Force, I managed to achieve 70 per cent of the optimum fitness levels. In 2013, I should reach 100 per cent. And that's when I want to do a hardcore action film, something that's never been seen in India. That's my target as of now, and I'm quite obsessive about being my fittest in the future.