Johnny Depp wants to be mixed in whisky when he dies

Johnny Depp has revealed his bizarre funeral wish - he wants to be put in a drum of whisky, which mourners can drink from.

This idea is inspired by his late friend, the US writer Hunter S. Thompson, who had requested that his ashes be fired from a cannon atop a tower.

"I could go in a whisky cask and everyone can take a sip," the Sun quoted Depp as saying.

The actor plays the role of his hellraising friend in his latest movie The Rum Diary.

After Thompson's death, Depp spent a reported two million dollars to have a tower and cannon built for the 2005 send-off at Thompson's farm in Colorado.

"Hunter had dreamed of a special way to go. He wanted to be fired from a cannon," said the actor.

"Brilliant! So I built a huge cannon after his death in 2005 and fired his ashes into the sky," he added.



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