Join Watch Dogs' midnight launch

Tonight, as the clock strikes midnight, Indian gamers will get access to the world of Aiden Pearce — a grey hacker from the video game, Watch Dogs. The game is set for a midnight release today and is one of 2014’s most-awaited games.

It has already been lauded for its graphics and interesting gameplay. Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs can hack into phones, computers, traffic lights and every other electronic gadget. His mission is to bring his own form of justice to the culprits who caused the death of his niece.

Set in 2014 in a hi-tech avatar of Chicago where everything is interconnected with a supercomputer; Watch Dogs is built on the existing notions of information warfare and fears around who controls data in this hi-tech world. Pearce can hack into any electronic device in the city, using his phone — from changing traffic lights to accessing public profiles and bank accounts or carrying out transactions to causing a massive blackout; his phone makes him super-invisible. This midnight launch promises some special prizes too.

On Today, 11.30 pm onwards
At Game The Shop, Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (E).

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