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Sep 30, 2011, 07:51 IST | Samreen Khoja
Laugh out loud this Friday night with Indo-Japanese stand-up comedian, Dan Nainan, whose USP is clean, intelligent humour

We all need a bit of humour in our daily lives. But with juggling hectic schedules, there is often no time for laughter. Brace yourself for a laugh riot as comedian Dan Nainan is in the city to entertain you. The half-Indian and half-Japanese stand-up comedian has till date even made presidents and world leaders laugh to his rib-tickling jokes. Nainan says, "I have been performing from the last eight years and it's my third visit to India.

I have performed in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa in India. Apart from Antarctica, I have probably performed in every continent across the world."  Every stand up comedian has a USP and Nainan's is his clean humour. "I believe in clean, intelligent humour.

You can bring your parents / children and I don't pick on the audience, so Puneites need not worry about taking front row seats," he laughs. When asked about what kind of skill is required to be a comedian, he says, "You need to have talent and a sense of humour. It is 90% hard work and one has to be thick-skinned and not worry about what other people think about you. You could get humiliated in the beginning and you need the perseverance to hang on and yet do it again and again , till you are accepted."

Apart from being a funny bone comic, Nainan is also trained as an engineer. "I am a full-time professional comedian and actor. I really wanted to pursue my talent and it turned out to be the right thing to do." He calls himself a "Paid Tourist and comedian". 

Being of Indo-Japanese descent, he does not have an accent but for him comedy comes from the heart and no language barrier can stop it. "For some reason, the US accent works across the world, and most people are  quite familiar with American culture around the world," he adds. His message to young, budding comedians is that they should pursue their dreams as there are lots of opportunities.
On: Today, 8 pm onwards
At: Ista Pune Hotel, Nagar Road.

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