Jon Bon Jovi recalls horror over daughter's drug overdose

The 19-year-old called up her dad at 2am, bringing the kind of news every parent dreads.  First she calmly insisted that she was all right, but any relief was short-lived as she went on to tell her devastated rocker dad that she had overdosed on heroin.

Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi

“It was horrible, a horrible moment,” he said.  Police were called in November to Stephanie’s dorm at her university, Hamilton College, and found her unconscious.

A small amount of heroin was found in her room at the 55,000 dollars-a-year liberal arts institution in Kirkland, New York, the Mirror reported.

She recovered in hospital and later charges against her and companion Ian Grant, 21, were dropped due to a local law that prohibits prosecution of people who have had a drugs overdose. 

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