The Mumbai police officials have started an inquiry against the police officer who was photographed shaking hands with a man accused of abusing journalists of this newspaper.


MiD DAY had carried a detailed report yesterday on how the Bhoiwada police were seen being friendly with one of the accused, Shashank Kalyankar, even letting him use his mobile phone to make calls (‘This is how cops treat the accused’, February 20). The police had arrested three men Shashank Kalyankar, Shashikant Bawlekar and Jaisingh Indulkar who were accused of abusing journalists.

All three are musicians, whom the journalists identified at the police station yesterday. Minutes after their departure, MiD DAY photographer Ashish Rane captured Inspector Sunil Kale shaking hands with Kalyankar.
The three were let off on bail without even a visit to the court.

Seeing these pictures, cops have initiated action. “We have begun an inquiry into the matter,” said Madhukar Pandey, additional deputy commissioner of police (central region). Sources also revealed that the pictures showed a more than necessary friendship between Kale and Kalyankar, which was a cause of concern.