Enjoy a dance performance by Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance, which explores various perceptions of space through performing arts

Space is a very tangible concept that has been looked at from various angles by architects and dancers alike. Exploring these myriad perceptions of space is Third Space, a 2010 production by Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance.

Hrishikesh performing the Third Space routine

Third Space is a contemporary dance performance that was performed earlier at the British Library, Pune and then later at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai. For this performance, Third Space has collaborated with Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune and will open to the audiences on November 5.

Talking about the performance Hrishikesh, founder of  Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance, says, "As performers, we are trained to perform on stage and hence, it is challenging to explore various other avenues to execute our performance. There are two parts to the routine -- the dancer needs to connect with the space and the audience needs to react. The dancers need to perform in the space under any circumstances," he adds.

When asked what kind of preparations goes into an unusual performance such as Third Space, he says, "We explore the entire architectural space. We sit with the diagrams and plan our performance accordingly. Besides it is a dance performance after all so it needs to be visually appealing as well. We prepare the picture frame that needs to be the background and finally we work towards making it convenient for the performers as well. For instance, our performance at Max Mueller Bhavan starts at the gates, moving on to the first floor, the second floor and all around the campus."

He is also excited to perform in the city. "I am from Pune and a lot of my work is conceptualised here, but I haven't had enough opportunities to showcase my creations here. I hope Punekars are open to the idea of something different," he concludes.

On November 5, 7.30 pm
At Max Mueller Bhavan, Boat Club Road.
Call 9890426811