Joy of adopting a girl child

Sep 05, 2011, 10:08 IST | Siddharth Kannan

Siddharth Kannan,  TV host

Just a year ago, I visited an orphanage and met a bubbly six-year-old girl who was sitting in one corner, drawing pictures of animals.

Talking to her, she told me that she aspired to be a painter when she grew up. When I asked her, her name, she said Radha, which incidentally happens to be my mother's name.

My heart told me that I needed to support Radha to help her achieve her goal. From that day onwards, I decided to take care of her education. Just looking at her draw today, gives me ineffable  joy.

I have never spoken about this but now I feel that if a bunch of people are motivated reading this, we can support a lot of such ambitious children. Let's adopt girl children because all they need is our love and support.

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