Jubin Nautiyal is keen to do a Hindi album

Jubin Nautiyal
Jubin Nautiyal

In the last three years of his career, Jubin Nautiyal has sung for over 20 films, including the re-arranged Humma track (OK Jaanu). He is a regular on MTV Unplugged and his latest single, Haaye Dil, proved to be a hit. Amid so many film songs, how did he manage to work on a single?

"I thought I should do some independent work, too. The song is about love and relationships," says Jubin, who is trained in Indian classical and western music. Does he plan to create an English single as well? Jubin says he is too busy at the moment. "My plate is full with Bollywood songs currently. Doing a Hindi album before that would be a better idea. It will help me reach out to [more] people."

Jubin recalls how music maestro AR Rahman, in 2007, advised him to keep working on his singing skills. "Usually, singers get to meet him when they're established; I met him when I wasn't even prepared to work with him. But look at destiny, I sang his song (Humma). It's the biggest hit of my career so far," he says.

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