Juhi's not kidding

Though Juhi Chawla has been a hit with kids since her early acting days, the lady admits that she understood her little fans much later in life. And that was only when she became a mom. The pretty lady, who will be seen hosting a new show -- Badmash Company -- talks to CS about her kiddie connect:

Who: Juhi Chawla
What: Talks about her childhood and being a mom

A new awakening
Ironically, I never understood the value of young fans when I was doing films like Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke or say, Bol Radha Bol. In fact, I used to get jumpy and irritated when I would see kids around me. I guess a part of it was because I was too stressed all the time, working 24x7. It was only after becoming a mother that I fathomed the purity and innocence of a child's affection. Once, when we were planning a family outing and my kids and Jai (husband) weren't listening to me, I stormed off saying, "You guys go for the trip, I am not coming with you." Minutes later, my son Arjun came to me and said sweetly, "Mamma, we want you to come because everything seems more fun with you around." My heart melted in a second.

Mom's the word
I don't categorise myself as a disciplinarian or a friendly mom. I am just like any regular mother. I worry about normal things like how many hours they are spending before the TV or computer, have they eaten a balanced diet or is the homework in place. I grew up in a multi-storied building in Cuffe Parade, and we kids used to gang up in the compound every evening. My kids live in a bungalow, so they miss out on this kind of social interaction. Also, I feel that kids today suffer from information overload. There is so much pressure on them about looks, clothes, brands, academics, etc. My daughter, Janhavi, is on the brink of becoming a teenager. When I see her friends talking about having a great figure, dressing in skimpy clothes and sporting brands, it does bother me. I don't want my kids to run after materialistic pursuits. They should enjoy life as it comes to them. 

Childhood revisited
As a child, I was very conscientious. I used to study hard so that I could get good marks and please my parents. Though I had a naughty side, I never had the wild streak to do something untoward. But the only mischief I was always upto was trying to skip my classical dance classes. I would hide in my friends' home if my tutor was five minutes late. Then, my mom would go scouting for me, and drag me back. Nowadays, when I want to have some fun, I play board games with Arjun before or after a meal. That's how I reconnect with my childhood.   

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