Juhu aerodrome: 3 arrested for attacking guards

Jun 13, 2016, 07:36 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

A day after five people from Nehru Nagar attacked two guards of the Juhu Aerodrome in the wee hours of Saturday, police arrested three of them and the guards identified them.

mid-day reported on Sunday that the FIR registered with Santacruz police said two guards — Sadashiv Tukaram Bugade (58) and Anil Nalawade (38) — were attacked by a group of five people, who entered the aerodrome by breaking the boundary wall, and then started beating the guards, who were on duty at the watchtower. Bugade sustained injuries on his left eye and ears.

Juhu aerodrome. File pic

The arrested accused, identified as Shiva Sunder Raj (22), Vijay Ranghanath (19) and Surya Rajendra (20), were produced in court on Sunday.

Shantanu Pawar, senior police inspector of Santacruz police station, said, “We don’t have any criminal records of the three accused but we are checking if other police stations do.”

Since the case concerns both inside and outside areas of the aerodrome, Santacruz as well as Juhu police are investigating the matter. A Santacruz police official said, “The FIR was lodged with our police station as the incident took place inside the aerodrome but Juhu police is also involved as the city side of the area falls under them.”

While confirming this, a Juhu police official said, “There have been many criminal cases in that area. This is a major one and is being investigated thoroughly.”

Meanwhile, the injured guards returned home on Sunday after being provided medical care. Anil Nalwade told mid-day, “I went to the police station to identify the accused and then returned home to get some rest.”

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