Juhu airport main runway shut down for 3 hours due to stuck fire engine

A fire engine getting stuck on the main runway of the Juhu airport due to a mechanical failure on Friday morning affected ONGC operations.

The incident which occurred at around 7.20 am saw a fire engine, that was being operated by the Air Drier Unit from the Juhu fire Brigade, breaking down during a routine runway inspection, resulting in departures being held up.

The heaviness of the vehicle meant it couldn’t be towed and neither could the staff push the vehicle out of the way.

Juhu Aerodrome Director VK Punyal said, “We have two fire engines but the main issue was that the current engine couldn’t be shifted. There are around 100 movements of charters daily from the aerodrome, out of this 85% are of ONGC.”

He added, “It wasn’t peak hour in the morning hence there wasn’t any pressure.”

The vehicle was repaired by around 10.30 am and driven away, but most of the ONGC operations were affected as only arrivals were permitted on the secondary runway.

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