Julianne Moore to star in 'Kingsman 2'?

You may get to see Julianne Moore in the Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel as the actress is in talks to play a villain in the spy-thriller sequel.

Julianne Moore

If she bagged the film, then the 55-year-old actress will star opposite Welsh actor Taron Egerton, who will reprise his role of troubled youth-turned-secret service agent Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming action sequel Kingsman 2, reported a channel.

Further details about Moore’s character have been kept under wraps. Notably, Egerton will return to the second part, which will move from London to the US. Kingsman 2 is currently scheduled to begin filming this May and is set for a June 16, 2017 release.

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