Problems don't seem to cease for Junior Katta who has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons throughout the year.

Little did he know Katta Jagdish that someday, the Mayor whom he once belittled in council meetings would decide his fate.

As per the norms, Mayor R Saradamma has prerogative powers
to consider the continuation of Jagdish Katta's council membership

After being arrested by the Lokayukta police in August this year for his involvement in the KIDBA land scam, Katta, who is the Vasantha Nagar BBMP Corporator, has missed four council meetings.

As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation (KMC) rules, the membership of a councilor can be suspended if he fails to attend three consecutive BBMP monthly council meetings.

At Mayor's mercy
With Junior Katta's fate hanging in balance, all eyes in the Palike are now on Mayor R Shardamma. As per the provisions in the KMC Act, only the Mayor has prerogative powers to consider the continuation of any BBMP councilor's council membership.
"The Mayor has the power to consider the continuation of membership, provided the reason given for absence is genuine.
Katta had cited ill health as reason for his absence, tough the obvious reason for his absence was his arrest and judicial custody," said a source within BBMP.

What works in Katta's favour is the fact that Mayor is from the same party and had earlier showed signs of consideration.
"I have the power to continue his membership for another two months, but I need the medical certificate establishing his ill health.

As far as the credibility of the reason given for his absence is concerned, only BBMP's legal cell has the authority to decide that," said R Shardamma, Mayor.