Do you know who the stars turn to at the time of major crisis in their lives? HitList introduces some of the men/women who work behind the scenes in making an actor's life much easier...

Traipsing around the country for their film schedules, keeping their commitments towards various endorsements and making endless public appearances a Bollywood star's busy social calendar is often needs a helping hand to ease things up.

And that is where Man Fridays step in to offer not just professional support but also become close friends and confidante. We cast a spotlight on some of them who usually remain in the shadows of their star bosses...

Sandhya Ramachandran-Katrina Kaif

A source close to Katrina reveals that while the actress is not very social, it is her manager Sandhya that she considers as one of her closest pals and confidante. The source says, "Sandhya has known Kat from 2002 and started working as her manger since 2006 but now she is very much part of Kat's extended family. She not only manages her work but also extends emotional support whenever she is in crisis." In fact, word is that Katrina even jokes about having Sandhya as the nanny for her kids after she retires from acting.
Sandhya modestly comments about her relationship with her boss, "It's important to be the backbone and not try and be the face."

Sachin-Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan's Man Friday Sachin says, "I have been working with Sir for more than five years now. Not only is he a very good actor but also a very good human being." Aamir was apparently accompanied by wife Kiran as they visited Sachin's hometown in Tamil Nadu to see him get married.

Inder and Pradeep Bhatia-Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir's Man Friday Inder has known the actor since 1992 when he was a young boy. Inder was working at Ravi Chopra's house when he first met the actor who was friends with Ravi's son Abhay. Inder points out, "I started working on Babul in 2006. One day Ranbir called me and said he would like me to work for him. I have been with him since then."

Ranbir's fitness trainer Pradeep Bhatia says he is more like a brother now to the star. A source close to the actor says, "Recently, a producer booked a business class ticket on a flight for Ranbir. He wanted Inder or Pradeep to accompany him. At a recent awards show, Ranbir thanked Inder and Pradeep and his make-up man Ajay." Says Pradeep, "I take care of his daily workouts and also his diet. I travel with him to everywhere. We eat and drink together. I try not to take leaves either."

Ayesha Devitre-Imran Khan
Ayesha, Imran and his wife Avantika are all close friends. Ayesha, who is his stylist and also the co-writer of his last film Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu points out, "I am extremely finicky and I keep touching his hair before every shot but he does not protest. We also hang out with each other a lot. Avantika and Imran are like family to me."

Prashant Sawant-Sharman Joshi
Prashant has been training Sharman since the last six-seven years. The fitness trainer says, "Sharman is extremely dedicated with his workouts. Although he lives in Bandra he comes to Juhu for his workouts. It's a compliment to me."