30x50 metre collapsible tent imported from Germany to house 1,500 guests at Turf Club on racing days, and for wedding celebrations

The Royal Western India Turf club (RWITC), Western Indian racing's apex body with its headquarters at Mahalaxmi Racecourse has a new offering for its patrons �rent-a-tent.

The RWITC has acquired a collapsible tent, which they plan to rent out to corporations and race sponsors on racing days, and for special occasions.

The tent resembles the air-conditioned hangar that UB Group Chairman Dr Vijay Mallya hosts his guests in at the members enclosure on the day of the McDowell Derby, held traditionally on the first Sunday of February every year.

RWITC chairman Vivek Jain says the tent "is somewhat" like Mallya's AC hangar. This tent can seat between 1,200 to 1,500 people, depending on the seating configuration. It's 30 metres by 50 metres large, and has been imported from Losberger, a German firm with headquarters in Berlin, a few weeks ago.

Considering the German connection, it was apt perhaps that the AC tent was inaugurated at the club's Oktoberfest which was held over the weekend, as part of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce celebrations where all things German -- music, food and beer -- were celebrated.

The tent is crafted from special grade durable plastic,  but may not be suitable for very heavy rains.

"The club committee approved the purchase last year but it took a while to evaluate several offers. The tent has cost the club Rs 1 crore." 

The RWITC says their projections indicate the club will recover the cost in approximately a year.
The tent can be used on the lawns in any of the club's enclosures. The club has three such enclosures, including one for members and another for non-members.

Jain says the tent will be put up for specific events depending on the needs of sponsors, corporations and event management firms. "It will also be used for exclusive club events."

Since racing in Mumbai  is held over approximately five months, the tent is likely to be used for other celebrations, especially weddings which the Turf Club is a famous venue for.

"We can have it up all year round, depending on the demand, and when not in use, it will be dismantled and kept in storage when not in use," says Jain.