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Oct 25, 2011, 08:52 IST | Special Features

Actor Chunky Pandey who has starred in a number of laugh riots confesses that his sense of humour can be irritating at times, especially for his wife Bhavna. And that's mainly because he loves cracking double-meaning jokes. He talks to CS about his funny bone:

Funny me
My sense of humour is like a tumor for others. I crack jokes on myself and enjoy it. Humour is something that tickles me. In fact, I enjoy watching movies that make me laugh when I am asleep. That scares my wife though (laughs out loud). 

Naughty, naughty
I love all kinds of humour whether it's dark, campy, cheesy or raunchy. Sarcastic humour can also be very engaging. Of course, raunchy is my first preference. There's nothing like a bit of sex thrown into anything, right?

This is not funny...
It's best to laugh out stressful situations, but at times, my wife has wanted to murder me for this. I have even got into trouble for laughing at inopportune moments. I had this director friend of mine whose dad passed away. I went for the condolence meet and seriously asked him if his father got to see the film he had made. He thought that I was making fun of the situation and got annoyed. He never worked with me post that.

Fun on screen 
Amar Akbar Anthony is my all-time favourite comic entertainer. I love Anthony ie Amitabh Bachchan in the film. Then, comes Aankhen. I am also a huge fan of Laurel & Hardy, Bombay To Goa and The Party. Amongst actors, I love Govinda, Mehmood, Mel Brooks and Johnny Lever for their comic timing. 

Hair and there
As a kid, I loved imitating my dad. Once my dad left in a hurry keeping his shaving kit within my reach. I always wanted to shave but couldn't because I didn't have any facial hair. I took this opportunity and shaved my eyebrows. When my mom saw me, I got a solid beating. 

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