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Ainsley's Grills & More dishes out more than just a mean Tongue Moile. This Goan-East Indian takeaway tucked in Bandra's bustling Pali Market has all the trappings of becoming the favourite local food snack-shack, given its home-style cooking

As if Bandraiites needed another reason for Susegad (leisure time). After you're done savouring the takeaway fare from three-month-old Ainsley's Grills & More, you might want to have an extended version of this Goan pastime. We are speaking from experience.

Beef Chilli Fry

Owned by Ainsley D'Mello who has been in the catering business for six years at the landmark Bandra Gymkhana, the takeaway is managed by Anthony Mendonca. By the time we had arrived one crispy February afternoon, it was close to shutting hours.
Yet, the staff gladly accommodated our orders, which were ready in 15 minutes flat. While they cook a mean pork preparation, it isn't made on the premises to respect the sensitivities of their landlords, Greenwich Watch Co.

First up for grabs was the Chicken Cafreal (Full: Rs 400/ Half: Rs 200), a Portuguese-styled, Goan-inspired green based (coriander, mint and chilli paste) dish and is served with potato slices.

The thick sauce grabbed the eyeballs, first-hand. We went for the kill. Only to be rudely head-butted by the raw, pinkness of the chicken meat. The potato slices too deserved a longer boil on the pot.

Tongue Moile

Word of mouth about this fast-emerging haunt had better be genuine, we hoped, as the first few helpings of the Goan styled Beef Chilli Fry (Rs 150) rested nicely on the palate. Bingo! We had a winner here the meat's tenderness played centrestage in this symphonic melee of home-cooked flavours.

Buoyed by a combination of garam masala, ginger, garlic, capsicum and homemade masala, this riot caressed the well-done beef strips. By now, visions of a leisurely afternoon lunch on one of Goa's hallowed beach strips were emerging. With plans to expand this franchise, Ainsley's is bound to add to its fan following.

The showstopper arrived, almost on cue, as with fashion shows, at the end of our local flavour fest. Now, the Tongue Moile (Rs 200) isn't different compared to Kerala's Fish Moilee. This thick, reddish-brown dish, dressed in generous helpings of East Indian-made vinegar. Not for the average Joe non-vegetarian.

This dish, is cooked tongue, stir fried in loads of ginger and garlic, pepper, onion and tomato slices. The Kashmiri chillies added the colour quotient to our piece-de-resistance for the day.
This dish, prepared in varying methods remains a favourite among Goan, East Indian and Anglo Indians. And this version maxed our expectations. Take our word for it.

CALL 9920022379, 9920022539, 26482140; TIME 12 noon to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm, Mondays closed
Ainsley's Grills & More didn't know we were there.
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