Justin Bieber angers Argentinian fans by throwing flag

Los Angeles: Pop star Justin Bieber might have to apologise to his Argentinian fans for a second time after another blunder involving the South American country's national flag.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber. Pic/Santa Banta

Back in 2013, he was performing a gig in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires when a fan threw a flag on-stage. Not realising what it was, Bieber kicked it and used his mic stand to sweep it away.

He later apologised for not knowing what it was and that he wouldn't have done so if he had.

This time, a mobile phone clip surfaced earlier this week of Bieber, 22, leaving a hotel in New York and getting into a 4x4, surrounded by bodyguards and minders to keep adoring fans at a safe distance.

However, the person holding the camera, apparently a 15 year old female fan from Argentina, decided to throw the small flag she had been waving at the 22 year old Canadian star, which landed inside the car via the wound-down window.

Instead of accepting the gift, a clearly unimpressed-looking Bieber screws the flag up and throws it out of the window.

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