Justin Bieber wears red high heels

Los Angeles: Pop sensation Justin Bieber was seen sporting a pair of red high heels on British show 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man'.

Justin Bieber wears red high heelsJustin Bieber

The 'What Do You Mean?' singer also had a sprint against host Alan Carr in the high heels, reported Ace Showbiz. "I'm going to try to break the record for the first time... a sprint in a pair of high heels," Alan said to the camera.

'The record is 5 seconds.' The 39-year-old comedian then wore a pair of red high heels and prepared to start sprinting. "I can probably beat your time. I'm going to beat your time after you," Justin told Alan.

After Alan finished his sprint, he challenged the 21-year-old singer, "Try to beat that, Justin." The singer was very confident that he could beat Alan's time. He then traded his white shoes for the red high heels. The heels apparently didn't fit Justin feet well.

Despite the unfit size of the heels, Justin went to sprint. After the singer reached the finish line, Alan announced, "I've got the results. I did it in 7 seconds. You, Justin Bieber, did it in... 6 seconds."

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