Juvenile held for murdering gangster's father

New Delhi: A juvenile was held here for murdering the father of gangster Manjeet Mahal, police said on Monday. According to police, the juvenile, a member of Kapil Sangwan's gang, murdered Sri Krishan on January 29 in Mitaro village. The killing done with other gang members was the latest in the ongoing rivalry between Sangwan and Mahal, who are both presently in jail.

Police apprehended the juvenile on Sunday evening when he came to meet an associate in Gulabi Bagh area, police said. "Both the gangs' members, to show their dominance, had targeted each others' family members. In December 2015, Sunil, brother-in-law of Sangwan was murdered by Mahal's gang. In retaliation, Sangwan's gang eliminated family members of Mahal's associates," said Deputy Commissioner of Police Surender Kumar.

"The juvenile told interrogators that Sangwan pressured him and other gang members to kill Sri Krishan, father of Mahal to take avenge of the murder of his brother-in-law, Sunil. He hatched a plan to eliminate Sri Krishan with four other gang members. Sangwan's gang members on January 29, with the juvenile came shot dead Shri Krishan in his village, when he came out of his house to purchase vegetables.



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