Acclaimed actor Kabir Bedi, who has launched the DVD of his 1976 Italian TV series 'Sandokan' in India, is glad that fans here will be able to now see what made him an internationally known artiste.

Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi

"I'm thrilled that India will have the opportunity to see what made me an international star. It's part of my legacy. I'm releasing it independently. And I'm using the power of eCommerce and digital platforms for selling the Sandokan DVD Boxset," Kabir said here.

The Collector’s Edition DVD was launched here on Tuesday by his friend Anil Kapoor, who rushed to catch a flight to be able to make it on time for the event.

"Sandokan" starred Kabir in the lead role and it took Europe and Latin America by storm in the late 1970s is back. The six-hour mini-series has been now dubbed in Hindi for its DVD version.

"Sandokan" is the story of an Asian Prince turned pirate, played by Kabir, who fights the British Empire for the freedom of his people and the woman he loves: an English woman. An Italian-French-German co-production, it is a saga of adventure, action, friendship, betrayal and an impossible love-story.

For his fans in India, Kabir has also produced a new version of the original "Sandokan" theme song in Hindi.

Happy to have launched the DVD, Anil, who has also done his fair share of work abroad, said: "I am a true admirer of Kabir since I was young and proud of being his friend. When Kabir started out, I was smitten by his voice and personality. He didn't only act, but opened international doors for everyone. I'm really proud that 'Sandokan' is launching in India finally."

The "Sandokan" DVD can be bought online from Amazon and Flipkart. It will be available for rent soon from Hungama, which will be streaming the series.