Kailasa by the sea

Kailash Kher, who is adding final touches to his new album, says he’s excited about a performance at an ongoing beach music festival in scenic Diu

Musical sensation Kailash Kher is gearing up for a performance on January 31 at the ongoing month-long Diu beach music festival, Festa De Diu. Prepared with an array of hits like Teri Deewani and Saiyaan from the repository of Kailasa, Kher is excited.

Kailash Kher at a performance
Kailash Kher at a performance

“Such festivals show a shift of taste and attitude of the Indian audience to music. I have performed in several open-air and beach festivals in the United States. There was over a 10-thousand-strong crowd when I performed at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, which is an amazing beach destination for such performances. Having performed at over 100 such events in a 10-year-long career, I often wondered why we could not have festivals like this in India,” says Kher.

Diu serves as a scenic venue
Diu serves as a scenic venue

Ask what sets a beach festival apart and Kher replies, “It is a fantastic experience for a musician to see fans up close. I am eager to meet them in Diu and I am sure they will be fantastic.”

Kher also shares that they are in the final stage of work for their new album, which they have tentatively named, Ishq Anokha. “It is almost ready and we are working on the videos. Though it mostly comprises love songs, the kind we usually sing, there are plenty of surprises as far as sound and lyrics are concerned," he signs off.

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