Kajol shakes her booty

Sep 09, 2011, 09:09 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The actress pursues dance while on her second, much-extended maternity leave from the film industry

Though Kajol is still on a break from films after delivering her second child almost a year ago (her son Yug turns one on September 13), the actress has found a fun way of keeping herself fit and occupied.

She has been learning Western dance at her friend Bhavesh Gandhi's institute. What's more, she will soon match steps with the students.

Confirms Kajol, "I am just doing one special class."

The actress is slated to get jiggy with dance enthusiasts at the institute's branch in Bandra in the coming weeks.

There will be strut jazz, salsa, contemporary, fusion, rock-n-roll, Afro and Bollywood fusion, it's not sure which dance form she will perform with the students.

According to the institute's spokesperson, "Our students are looking forward to dancing with Kajol."

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